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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

EVERYONE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO KEEP CHILDREN SAFE. When children are little and parents are responsible for their every need, it is overwhelming. When children are school age and parents aren’t always there to supervise, children are vulnerable. When children become teenagers and don’t think before they act, there are unforeseen consequences. Child abuse prevention…

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In The Loop April 2013

In This Issue 29th National Symposium on Child Abuse, Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training, A Systematic Review of Parenting Interventions to Prevent Child Abuse, Using Policies to Promote Child Sexual Abuse Prevention… What is Working?, Communicating With Victims of Human Trafficking, What’s New in CALiO? Click here to view this Newsletter in a new window.

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NCAC Out and About March 2013

NCAC Executive Director, Chris Newlin participated in the first National Survey of Victim Service Organizations/Providers Expert Panel in Washington, DC.  This esteemed group of 24 nationally recognized victim service providers was convened by the RAND Corporation, the National Center for Victims of Crime, and the NORC at the University of Chicago to provide expert guidance…

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