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Please note:  To ensure access to a printable certificate following completion of the Recorded Trainings below, please plan to view the video one time without stopping and starting.  After you have viewed the video and have received your certificate, you may watch the video again and skip to sections as many times as you choose in order to reinforce what you have learned.

  • A Pebble in the Pond - Factors in Multi-Generational, Childhood Sexual Abuse Victimization – Tamara Hillard, LICSW (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-013)
  • Abusive Head Trauma Evidence - Admissibility at Trial – Justin Fitzsimmons, JD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-012) More Info
  • Best Practices in the Treatment of Abused Children and Their Families – Ben Saunders, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-030) More Info
  • The Biology of Resilience – John Stirling, MD (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-017)
  • Burns in Pediatric Abuse – Jonathan Thackeray, MD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-013) More Info
  • Child Abuse Investigations in Meth Lab Cases – Tim Ahumada (Course ID: NCAC-OT-006) More Info
  • Child Development 101 – Allison DeFelice, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-007) More Info
  • Child Sexual Abuse:  A Judicial Perspective – Judge Charles B. Schudson (Course ID: NCAC-OT-008) More Info
  • Children with Disabilities: Challenges, Strategies, and Resources – Harold Johnson & Christine Pawelski (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-004) More Info
  • Children’s Advocacy Centers: A Model for Improving the System’s Response to Child Abuse – Nancy Chandler (Course ID: NCAC-OT-001) More Info
  • Children's Advocacy Centers Safety Assessment – Jim Holler (Course ID: NCAC-OT-014) More Info
  • Collaboration, Consistency and Cultural Competency –  Carroll Ann Ellis (Course ID: NCAC-OT-009) More Info
  • The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Identification, Intervention, and Collaboration – Dawn Thompson, Sandy Skelaney, & Maria Clara Rofriquez (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-003)
  • The CPS Worker: Making a Case for Safety – Jim Holler (Course ID: NCAC-OT-010)
  • Crawford for Interviewers – John E.B. Myers (Course ID: NCAC-OT-035)
  • Developmental Perspectives on Child Sexual Behavior in Children and Adolescents – William Friedrich, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-015)
  • Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking – Tyson Elliott, BS (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-009)
  • The Emotional Effects of Domestic Violence on Children – Sharon McGee, MS (Course ID: NCAC-OT-016)
  • Filtering Information - Utilizing Interpreters in Investigative Interviews – Maria Rosales-Lambert (Course ID: NCAC-OT-017)
  • First Responder Contact in a Child Abuse Investigation – Jim Holler & Julie Kenniston (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-018)
  • Forensic Interviewing Skills for Working with Child Abuse Victims with Cognitive and or Communication Impairments – Nora J. Baladerian, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-002)
  • Four W’s and an H: Addressing the Who, What, Where, When and How of Child Assessment/Interview Technology – Craig Burger, BS (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-010)
  • From Crime Scene to the Courtroom - Telling the Story to the Jury – Barry Matson, JD (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-014)
  • Healthcare Needs of the Child Victim of Commercial Sexual Exploitation – Jordan Greenbaum, MD (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-015)
  • Homicide: A Practical Guide to Working with Families of Homicide Victims – Heidi Potter & Keri Wallace (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-002)
  • Human Trafficking: The Three P's: Protection, Prosecution, & Prevention – Robin Sax, JD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-032)
  • I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours: Treating Child Sexual Behavior Problems – Paris G. Brown (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-008)
  • Institution-Based Child Sexual Abuse – Paul Steele (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-016)
  • Interviewing Preschool Children – Linda Cordisco Steele, M.Ed (Course ID: NCAC-OT-003)
  • Intimate Partner Violence: A Pediatric Issue? – Jonathan Thackeray, MD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-025)
  • It's About Time: Children's Ability vs The Team's Need to Know – Andra Chamberlin (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-005)
  • Law Enforcement's Response to Child Sexual Abuse – Rick Cage (Course ID: NCAC-OT-018)
  • The Medical and Developmental Effects of Domestic Violence on Children – John Stirling, MD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-011)
  • Most Common Mistakes Made in Forensic Interviews and How to Fix Them – Linda Cordisco Steele & Heather Stewart (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-007)
  • Opening Statements and Closing Arguments in Child Sexual Abuse Cases – Jeffrey Brickman, JD (Course ID : NCAC-OT-004)
  • Pornography: The Pink Elephant of Prevention – Cordelia Anderson, MA (Course ID: NCAC-OT-026)
  • Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten:  Readiness Activities and Skills for Success – Chris Lowedell and Julie Yockel (Course ID : NCAC-OT-031)
  • Profiling the Child Molester – Investigator George Ryan (Course ID: NCAC-OT-019)
  • Providing Expert Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse Cases – Laura Rogers, JD (Course ID: NCAC-OT-033)
  • Providing Leadership in a Multidisciplinary Environment – Karen Hangartner, LGSW (Course ID: NCAC-OT-027)
  • Recognizing Violence as a Household Pattern: Overlap of Intimate Partner Violence, Child Abuse, and Animal Abuse – Tara Harris, MD (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-001)
  • The Role of Cultural Competency in Effective Consumer Service Delivery – Kenneth Anderson, MS, NCC (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-012)
  • Shattered Heart: When Adolescents Sexually Abuse Within Their Family – Jacqueline Page, PsyD  (Course ID: NCAC-OT-028)
  • Standards for Prevention Programs – Pat Stanislaski (Course ID: NCAC-OT-020)
  • Technology Facilitated Crimes Against Children: Internet Lures and the Dangers of Social Networking Sites – Richard Love (Course ID: NCAC-OT-034)
  • Trial Strategies in Child Protection Cases – Victor Vieth (Course ID: NCAC-OT-022)
  • Understanding and Investigating Child Pornography – Joe Laramie, BS & Ron Laney (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-011)
  • Victim Assistance: Preparation and Support for Children in Criminal Proceedings – Jeanette M. Adkins (Course ID: NCAC-OT-023)
  • When It Is In The Family: How to Handle Sibling Sex Abuse -  Jacqueline Page, PsyD (Course ID : NCAC-OT-024)
  • Why is this Child so Skinny? Understanding Failure to Thrive – Deborah Lowen (Course ID: NCAC-PPT-006)
  • Winning in Court:  Taint and Crawford, The Dual Dilemma – Paul Tressler, JD and Ron Laney (Course ID: NCAC-OT-029)
  • Working with the Non-Offending Caregiver – Cassandra Leslie (Course ID: NCAC-OT-005)

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