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Interviewing Child Victims with Disabilities

About Interviewing Child Victims with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are more vulnerable to abuse and maltreatment than their typically developing peers; yet their participation in the criminal justice system is rare.  Many significant barriers exist, both real and perceived, that limit investigation and prosecution of these cases.  Understanding the unique characteristics of children with disabilities and communicating effectively with these children and their caregivers is instrumental in creating a safe environment and conducting appropriate child forensic interviews and investigations. The participants in this training will develop a broader understanding of children with disabilities, as well as new strategies for effective interviewing and communicating.  Strategies for adapting current interview guidelines to meet the needs of this population will be addressed throughout the training.  

2016 Interviewing Child Victims with Disabilities Training Session

October 3-4, Huntsville, AL 

Faculty for this training will include:

Linda Cordisco Steele, M.Ed., LPC, Senior Trainer, National Children's Advocacy Center, Huntsville, AL
Andra K. Chamberlin, MA, Trainer, National Children's Advocacy Center, Huntsville, AL
Kim Madden, M.Ed., LPC, Trainer, National Children's Advocacy Center, Huntsville, AL
December Guzzo, BS, Forensic Interviewer, National Children's Advocacy Center, Huntsville, AL
Scott J. Modell, Ph.D., Deputy Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Children's Services, Nashville, TN

 Who Should Attend?

This training is specifically designed for experienced interviewers who presently have responsibility for initial forensic interviews of children and who currently work with a multidisciplinary team. It is recommended that the interviewer have at least two years of interviewing experience and have attended a recognized basic training in Investigative/Forensic Interviewing (i.e. NCAC Training, APSAC, NICHD, CornerHouse, etc.).  It does not matter what basic training or other advanced training an interviewer has, this training is NOT protocol specific. 

Seats in this training are intended for professionals currently working as part of an investigative agency, a multidisciplinary team (MDT), or a children’s advocacy center (CAC).  If any seats are available, then others may attend the training.  The NCAC reserves the right to refund the registration of anyone who is not currently working as part of an investigative agency, a MDT, or CAC, to ensure that currently practicing professionals receive the training they need. 


This training is 2 days.  A certificate of attendance will be awarded to those participants who attend the training in its entirety.  


Early Payment Discount Fee: $749 (Reflects $100 discount for payments received on or before September 6, 2016)
Standard Registration Fee: $849 (for payments received after September 6, 2016) 

Registration Information

For more information, email Stacie Dice at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 256-327-3838.