National Children's Advocacy Center

NCAC Training Center

ncac_trainingThe NCAC Training Center is located on the campus of the National Children's Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The NCAC Training Center is one of the leading providers of quality training for professionals working with abused children and their families. To meet the varied needs of the child abuse professional, training sessions are available On Campus, Online, Customized Training - On Location, and through a professional conference.

2015 Trainings

 All classes below are at the NCAC Training Center in Huntsville, AL, unless indicated otherwise. 

Forensic Interviewing of Children Training
February 2-6, 2015 (class complete)
April 20-24, 2015 (class complete)
June 8-12, 2015 (class complete)
July 20-24, 2015 (class complete)
September 21-25, 2015 (class complete)
October 19-23, 2015
December 7-11, 2015

Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training
April 28-30, 2015, Tampa, FL (class complete)
November 3-5, 2015, Scottsdale, AZ

Extended Forensic Interview Training
June 16-18, 2015, Indianapolis, IN (class complete)
October 6-8, 2015, Huntsville, AL

Victim Advocacy Training 
April 14-16, 2015 (class complete)
October 14-16, 2015

Interviewing Child Victims with Disabilities
September 28-29, 2015 (class complete)

2016 Trainings

 All classes below are at the NCAC Training Center in Huntsville, AL, unless indicated otherwise. 

Forensic Interviewing of Children Training

February 8-12, 2016
April 18-22, 2016
June 13-17, 2016
July 18-22, 2016
September 19-23, 2016
October 24-28, 2016
December 5-9, 2016

Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training

April 26-28, 2016, Atlanta, GA
October 18-20, 2016, Cincinnati, OH (proposed)

Extended Forensic Interview Training
June 27-29, 2016, Portsmouth, NH
October 18-20, 2016, Seattle, WA

Victim Advocacy Training 
February 23-25, 2016
October 4-6, 2016

32nd International Symposium on Child Abuse
The 32nd International Symposium on Child Abuse will be held April 4-7, 2016, Huntsville, AL.

Customized, On-Location Trainings
NCAC can bring a customized training to you.

International Training 
NCAC offers international trainings that are customized to meet the needs of individual countries with respect to existing laws, investigatory agencies, cultural influences and practices, and the role of non-government organizations in these processes.

Online Trainings
NCAC's Virtual Training Center has over 80 Recorded Trainings and archived webinars available.

Poly-victimization Training Series
Poly-victimization trainings for professionals and community resources.

Technical Assistance from NCAC Training Center
Technical Assistance is available to professionals who work in the child abuse response field. Assistance may be delivered through phone, e-mail, or in-person consultation. To request technical assistance from NCAC Training Center, complete a request form using OJJDP's TTA360 system. For assistance using TTA360, or for other technical assistance requests, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Southern Regional Children's Advocacy Center
Southern Regional Children's Advocacy Center offers operational trainings and technical assistance for children's advocacy centers.