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The National Children's Advocacy Center's Virtual Training Center (VTC) webinars can be viewed individually or by groups of child abuse professionals. Groups can also register under one name and participate in a meeting room with one person submitting questions for the group. All participants will have access to a recording of the broadcast as well as presentation slides and any related articles recommended by the presenter.

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Archived Webinars

  • Advocating for the Advocate: The Role of the CAC Director- Karen Hill (Course ID: NCAC-W-033) More Info
  • Asking Children about Time and Number - Thomas Lyon (NCAC-W-042) More Info
  • Are Children in Therapy More Likely to be Poly-victims? - Sherry Hamby, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-W-026) More Info
  • Caught in the Crossfire: How the Abuse of Animals Co-occurs with Family Violence - Allie Phillips, J.D. (Course ID: NCAC-W-014) More Info
  • Child Proctective Services (CPS) and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Cases - Tanisha Knighton More Info
  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children 101 - Sandy Skelaney, MA (Course ID: NCAC-W-024) More Info
  • Consensual But Unlawful - Andra Chamberlin, MA (Course ID: NCAC-W-008) More Info
  • Creating a Trauma Informed Multidisciplinary Team - Karen Hangartner, LGSW (Course ID: NCAC-W-017) More Info
  • Creating Treatment Models for Poly-victimization - Victoria Banyard, PhD and Heather A. Turner, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-W-021) More Info
  • Declining Rates of Child Sexual Abuse and What This Really Means - Mark Chaffin, Ph.D & Lisa Jones, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-W-004) More Info 
  • Drug Endangered Children - Karen Farst, MD  (Course ID: NCAC-W-007) More Info
  • Engaging Resistant Caregivers in the TF-CBT Treatment Process - Kelly Wilson, LCSW  (Course ID: NCAC-W-015) More Info
  • Finding the Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice: Using the Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO)- Muriel K. Wells,  MA, MLIS (Course ID: NCAC-W-040) More Info
  • Forensic Interviewing of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims at Children's Advocacy Centers - Iona Rudisill, LGSW (Course ID: NCAC-W-030)  More Info
  • Friend Me:  Why Facebook, Twitter and Social Networking Matter to Your Organization - Adam Rosenberg, Esq (Course ID: NCAC-W-003) More Info
  • Grooming: Making You See and Believe What I Want You to See and Believe - Chris Newlin (Course ID: NCAC-W-034) More Info
  • How to be a Super Witness - Andrew Agatston, PC (Course ID: NCAC-W-032) More Info
  • How to Assess Poly-victimization in Your Work:  Approaches & Tools - Sherry Hamby, PhD and Heather A. Turner, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-W-020) More Info
  • Impacts on Disciplines and Generations on MDT Collaboration and Communication - Kim Lear (Course ID: NCAC-W-044) More Info
  • Inside the New CALiO™ - Muriel K. Wells, MA, MLIS More Info
  • Inside the New CALiO™for CACs and MDTs - Muriel K. Wells, MA, MLIS  More Info
  • Intervene:  Identifying and Responding to America's Prostituted Youth - Elizabeth Scaife, BA (Course ID: NCAC-W-013) More Info
  • Interviewing Bilingual, Non-English Speaking, and Limited English Proficient Children - Maria Rosales-Lambert (Course ID: NCAC-W-027) More Info
  • Interviewing Victims of Violence and Homicide - Understanding Homicide Through the Eyes of a Child - Andra K. Chamberlin, MA (Course ID: NCAC-W-002) More Info
  • Memories Hold Hands: Understanding Historical Trauma and Unresolved Historical Grief in American Indian / Alaska Native Communites - Kathryn England Aytes, Ed.D., M.S (Course ID: NCAC-W-031) More Info
  • Outcomes Framework for CACs/MDTs - Cym Doggett, MSW (Course ID: NCAC-W-041) More Info
  • Overcoming Barriers to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse - Robin Castle (Course ID: NCAC-W-005) More Info
  • Patterns and Trends in the Online Victimization of Children - Kathleen Harris  (Course ID: NCAC-W-009) More Info
  • Poly-victimization Among Children and Youth with Disabilities - Heather A. Turner (Course ID: NCAC-W-023) More Info
  • Poly-victimization: Childhood Exposure to Multiple Forms of Victimization - Heather A. Turner and Sherry Hamby (Course ID: NCAC-W-016) More info
  • Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations - Deborah Callins and Beth Jackson (Course ID: NCAC-W-022) More Info
  • Prevention:  The Ultimate Victim Advocacy - Cordelia Anderson (Course ID: NCAC-W-001) More Info
  • Prevention of Poly-victimization - Sherry Hamby (Course ID: NCAC-W-025) More Info
  • Research on the Use of Human Figure Drawings in Forensic Interviews - Jason Dickinson (Course ID: NCAC-W-038) More Info
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections in Child Sexual Abuse - Karen Farst, M.D. (Course ID: NCAC-W-010) More Info
  • Strategies for Gathering Details when Children Experience Repeated Abuse - Andra K. Chamberlin (Course ID: NCAC-W-037) More Info
  • Strengths-Based Trauma-Informed Services - Kevin Powell, PhD (Course ID: NCAC-W-028) More Info
  • Suggestibility: Sources of Error in Children Testimony - Jason Dickinson, Ph. D (Course ID: NCAC-W-043) More Info
  • The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence and the Truths to Set You Free - Brian F. Martin (Course ID: NCAC-W-029) More Info
  • The Medical Evaluation for Sexual Abuse:  What MDT Members Need to Know - Ranee Leder, MD, FAAP (Course ID: NCAC-W-019) More Info
  • The NCAC Extended Forensic Interview Model: Rationale and Key Components - Linda Cordisco Steele, M.Ed,LPC (Course ID: NCAC-W-012) More Info
  • Understanding How Social Networking Sites Are Used - Mike Duffey (Course ID: NCAC-W-011) More Info
  • Using Solid Research to Enhance Your Communications Program - Barbara Nash (Course ID: NCAC-W-006) More Info
  • What Every Prosecuter Needs to Know about Forensic Interviewing- Mary Sawkicki and Linda Cordisco Steele (Course ID: NCAC-W-035) More Info
  • Why Parents Don't Believe - Chris Newlin (Course ID: NCAC-W-039) More Info
  • Why Some Bounce Back and Some Never Do - Resilience in Those Who Experience Childhood Abuse - Pat Stanislawski (Course ID: NCAC-W-018) More Info

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