National Children's Advocacy Center

Advanced Leadership

Advanced Leadership Academy, an offering of the Western Regional Children’s Advocacy Center (WRCAC) is a three day training designed to provide Children’s Advocacy Centers and NCA Chapter Directors/Coordinators a unique opportunity to further develop their leadership skills. This training is designed to support those with management/supervisory experience by creating an environment for networking and cross-mentoring to foster long-term relationships of support. Applications will be accepted from Directors, Associate Directors, State Chapter Directors and other professionals with management experience in a human services agency. Space is limited and participants are selected based on a competitive process based on the needs of the participant and their potential contribution to the group.  The core of the academy is the 360 degree leadership assessment of each individual participant and understanding its impact on the functioning of the CAC. This assessment will include four pre-course instruments which will need to be completed by the participant and others well in advance of the course.  In this course participants will cover:

  • Leadership Assessment (Leadership Practices Inventory, FIRO-B, MBIT) and application to your CAC
  • SBI Communications Model and Peer Feedback
  • Thomas-Killian Conflict Resolution Style Assessment
  • Teamwork Activity
  • Creativity and Individual Goal Setting.

Each participant will receive a notebook of resource materials, and will benefit from networking opportunities with colleagues from across the country.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation and per diem expenses. Financial Assistance: There are a limited number of scholarships and travel stipends from your Regional Centers.  Please contact your Regional Center for information.  For registration information contact Nancy Engel by phone at 1 – 866-592-4272.