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Chris Newlin, NCAC Executive Director, and Linda Cordisco Steele, NCAC Senior Trainer, recently provided numerous trainings in Recife, Brazil in collaboration with Childhood Brasil, part of the World Childhood Foundation. This was the fifth NCAC visit/training in Brazil, and builds on the Forensic Interviewing of Children Training held in Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil during April 2012. In 2009, Childhood Brasil identified a dramatic need for an improved multidisciplinary response to child sexual abuse and exploitation for all children in Brazil. Since suggesting the concept of Forensic Interviewing and the Multidisciplinary Response to Child Abuse, the past three years have seen amazing progress!

Although Hurricane Isaac caused the 13th National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention to be cancelled, Cindy Markushewski, NCAC Librarian, was stranded in New Orleans with some of the conference speakers and attendees. Making the best us of their time, Cindy facilitated informal meetings in which attendees and speakers could network, share information, and learn from one another. The informal setting and small number of participants created an extremely educational experience for those that were marooned at the conference center.

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