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When children are little and parents are responsible for their every need, it is overwhelming.

When children are school age and parents aren’t always there to supervise, children are vulnerable.

When children become teenagers and don’t think before they act, there are unforeseen consequences.

Child abuse prevention is important every step of the way in the growth of children… and parents… and other caring adults.

No child is immune from abuse. Statistics indicate 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys will be sexually abused by age 18. An average of three children die each day in the U.S. as a result of abuse or neglect.

The Madison County, AL Department of Human Resources received 1,063 reports of child abuse during the last fiscal year. National experts believe only 20% of child abuse is reported!


Have a Plan

Adults should develop a plan of what they will do if they see or suspect abuse. Who will you call? Is this number programmed into your phone?

Volunteer with local agencies in support of children and families!

Call the United Way (256-536-0745) for volunteer opportunities.

Be a good neighbor!

Reach out to families and children in your community. Help families under stress, offer to: Baby-sit; help with chores or errands; or suggest resources that can help the family.

Be kind to children!

Get to know the children in your neighborhood and/or church. Be kind and supportive to any child – especially if his/her family is under stress.

Get involved!

The National Children’s Advocacy Center has a number of ways you, your church group or organization can get involved in the work we do in our local community. From volunteer opportunities to fundraising events… there’s something for everyone! For more information call 256-533-Kids.

Report suspected abuse!

Call Madison County, AL Department of Human Resources at 256-427-6200 if you are concerned about the safety of a child. You can remain anonymous.

Spread the word!

Share that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month with everyone you know and that it takes a community to keep children safe!

Visit the NCAC Facebook page, share our posts and show your support for Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Talk with your children about personal safety.

This includes stranger danger AND being aware of unusual behavior in people they know. Teach them to listen to their feelings and that it is okay to say NO if any adults (including family members) or other children or teens ask them to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Talk with your children about touching:

Good touch – touches that make us feel good and loved; bad touch – touches that hurt us or cause pain; and confusing touch – touches on the private parts of our bodies covered by a bathing suit. These touches make us feel scared and uncomfortable. Let children know they must tell an adult right away if ANYONE tries to touch their private areas.

Host a safety fair

Host a safety fair at your child’s school or at your church and ask other local youth and/or family serving organizations to set up displays and activities. Distribute blue ribbons that represent April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Ask local child safety experts

Ask local child safety experts in your community to speak at your local PTA or at your church.

Create a display of pinwheels

Create a display of pinwheels in front of your business, church, or at your child’s school: each pinwheel represents every known abused child in your area.



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