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June was a busy month for the NCAC. In June, NCAC Executive Director, Chris Newlin, gave a presentation titled, “Recent Research Affecting Child Abuse Investigations,” at the When Words Matter Conference in Baltimore, MD. Chris then traveled to Massachusetts to participate in the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Organizational Meeting.

Chris also traveled to Tennessee to conduct two Child Protection Investigation Team Trainings for MDT members.

In June, NCAC Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele, traveled to Rhode Island to conduct an Advanced Forensic Interviewing training. Linda also conducted a Forensic Interviewing of Children training in New York.

Also in June, NCAC Trainer, Julia Barker conducted two Forensic Interviewing of Children trainings, one in Nevada.

Four members of the NCAC team presented workshops at the NCA Leadership Conference including; NCAC Executive Director, Chris Newlin; NCAC Prevention Director, Deborah Callins; NCAC Research Librarian, Muriel Wells; and NCAC Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele.

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