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Program Description

The Community Advantage: Building strong communities of support and productivity in the workplace.  

There are social upheavals afloat that change the way we interact with the world—24/7 media, an “always on” work culture, rapid technological advancements and more. There is a communal longing for a deeper sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, productivity and authenticity in the workplace. In an intense and emotionally charged field—such as child abuse—building strong communities in the workplace is crucial in order to avoid burn out and keep talent engaged. In this session we’ll identify what strong communities look like from different generational perspectives and how we can all augment our communication to create more authentic relationships in the workforce.  Through data, stories, multimedia components and humor, we’ll see the world through the eyes of another person in order to better understand and appreciate different perspectives.

Speaker – Kim LearKim-Lear-Keynote

Kim Lear is a speaker, writer, strategist, and researcher who explores how emerging trends impact the future of our workforce and marketplace. For the past four years, she has worked with a research and consulting firm studying Millennial trends and generational dynamics. Now, as the founder and content director of Inlay Insights, Kim is at the forefront of cutting edge research to uncover cultural shifts that revolutionize how organizations engage employees and consumers. She is known for her ability to use a mix of data, storytelling, humor and actionable takeaways to discuss the trends that most impact the bottom line of organizations.

Kim has keynoted for some of the most renowned companies in the world. She has received rave reviews from clients such as Disney, Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Mastercard, American Express, General Mills, Linked In and more. In addition to speaking, Kim has written multiple whitepapers on the topic of generational wealth transfer in the finance sector, urban planning and housing trends and emerging food trends.

A researcher to the very core, Kim has earned the reputation of “stat nerd,” employing hard-hitting statistics to accentuate her points and make her message come alive. She is a sought after expert and has been featured in national publications such as NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, USA Today and more.

Kim lives and works in Minneapolis where she is currently running a research initiative to identify how to best lead and sell in an age of distraction.

When not delving into the minutia of human behavior, you can find Kim paddleboarding, planning an overseas adventure or binge watching Breaking Bad (again).

About Inlay Insights

Inlay is a social insights company. We identify emerging cultural trends that will impact the future of the way we work, the way we buy, what we choose and what we think. We put those trends to work for businesses, marketers and researchers.

Through inside access to top universities and some of the best companies in the world, Inlay Insights brings clients holistic and actionable perspectives on the new world of work and the needs of the new consumer.

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