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Huntsville Police Department (HPD) Investigator Tony Shivers, and his fellow law enforcement investigators, are our December Superheroes.

Investigator Shivers is a veteran member of the Huntsville Police Department’s Special Victims Unit, housed at the National Children’s Advocacy Center. Law enforcement investigators are a vital part of the Madison County Multidisciplinary Team. These officers investigate child abuse claims, interview suspects and build criminal cases for prosecution.

When asked how many child abuse cases he has investigated, Investigator Shivers answered, “Thousands. I lost count years ago.” Thousands of children are safer because of Shivers and his counterparts at HPD, Madison Police, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Homeland Security who spend their days and nights confronting the evils of our society.

In recent years, Investigator Shivers has shifted his work to Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) cases. He’s the only ICAC Investigator serving Huntsville. He tracks down sexual predators who solicit children and distribute sexual material online.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Investigator Shivers’ caseload has grown exponentially. Predators capitalized on lockdowns and subsequent screen time for children. At any given point, he has dozens of working cases. Currently, Investigator Shivers has more than 90 cases in the queue.

Investigator Shivers has given his entire adult life to public service. Before joining the police department, he served 28 years in the military. Wanting to serve his country and community, he joined the reserves after attending the police academy.

Investigator Tony Shivers, and his fellow law enforcement investigators, are our December Superheroes. We thank them all for their dedication to the children and families in our community. Their bravery, professionalism and sense of duty make our community a better place.


Our December Superhero is presented by Morris King & Hodge.


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