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For many kids, summer is their favorite time of year! From road trips and pool days to summer camp, your kids might find themselves in new environments and under new supervision. While exciting, it can also pose new threats to your child’s safety.

  • New Babysitter – Do due diligence when selecting a sitter! Ask for references and conduct an interview before hiring someone to look after the kids this summer. Check out more great tips to help you find a great sitter.
  • Water Supervision – If you’re near any body of water with the kids, take precautions. Read more about different scenarios and what you need to keep in mind.
  • Watch for Heat-Related Illness – In the summer months, the possibility of heat-related illness is a real concern. Make sure children take plenty of water breaks and wear breathable clothing. Learn more about heat exhaustion and heat stroke here.
  • Trampolines & Play Equipment – Summer playtime is in full swing. Check for loose or missing pieces like nails or springs sticking out to prevent injury. Learn more ways to keep your child’s summer injury-free.
  • Screen Time – Plan ahead when it comes to screen time and internet access. Decide when, how, and where your child will be allowed online. After you set the ground rules, have open conversations with the kids about best practices and expectations when online. Here’s a guide to help you set screen time limits.