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Madison County CARES Team

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Child, Advocacy, Resilience, Education and Support Team.

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CARES is the Child, Advocacy, Resilience, Education and Support Team. 8.7 million children nationwide have a parent struggling with SUD, and some of those children may have their own trauma that is overlooked.  CARES is Madison County’s community response team for children impacted by substance use. CARES is here to support the children and families who are impacted by a parents’ Substance Use Disorder – including the parent who is struggling. We are a non-judgmental group of professionals from several different agencies with the common purpose of helping your family to be safe and healthy.

Our services

Stronger Together Support Group

Are you caring for a child whose parent struggles with substance use? Would it help to be able to talk with other caregivers in similar situations?

Family Advocacy

Are you trying to manage childcare, school, groceries, medical care, and all the other things that come along with caring for a child? Would it help to know about specific resources in the community that exist to serve your family?

Medical Services

Are you caring for a baby or child diagnosed of Neonatal Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS), and you have questions about their unique development or needs? Or did a child miss out on regular medical care as their parent struggled with substance use, and they need a check-up or help finding a pediatrician?

Trauma Therapy

Do you know a child or teen who has experienced trauma, like physical or sexual abuse or neglect or witnessing an overdose, violence, or someone’s death? Did you know that what looks like inattention or disobedience can be related to past trauma, and that even kids too young to speak may have body memories and intense emotions about the trauma – and trauma therapy can help?