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Margaret-HoelzerMargaret Hoelzer is a two-time Olympic swimmer, winning two silver medals and a bronze medal during the 2008 Games in Beijing, China. Margaret has worked hard throughout her life to achieve greatness as a swimmer. However Margaret has also worked hard to overcome the experience of being sexually abused for two years, between the ages of five and seven, by a friend's father. As a child, Margaret received services at the National Children's Advocacy Center. As a result of those services, Margaret was able to overcome this traumatic experience and is now helping to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and telling people about the resources available to help these child victims and their families.

Margaret is a National Spokesperson for the National Children's Advocacy Center. She is available for speaking engagements on child abuse issues, where she shares her own experiences, as well as general discussion on the topic. Please contact PMG Sports for more information.

The Trail to Triumph | Margaret Hoelzer | TEDxHuntsville

As part of her efforts to continue to raise awarness of child abuse issues, Margaret will be speaking at the Penn State University "Child Sexual Abuse Conference" on Sunday, October 28, 2012. Click here for more information.

Read Margaret Hoelzer's editorial on Jerry Sandusky and Penn State.

PSU Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Margaret Hoelzer & Chris Anderson

Moving Forward: A Public Conversation on Surviving Sexual Abuse

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