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NCAC’s Response to Racial Inequity

The National Children’s Advocacy Center has a foundational belief that all children should be protected from abuse, and those who experience child abuse should have access to quality services to help them heal from this experience no matter the color of their skin, the language they speak, their religious beliefs, or any other means of categorizing them.  They are children who have experienced harm and deserve these services.  It is from this same foundational perspective that the NCAC strongly condemns any form of racism. 

Our world is in a sad and emotionally charged space.  Racial inequity and disparities remain in society.  It is important to recognize that silence is no longer acceptable. It is time to act, starting with educating ourselves about all forms of racism locally and nationally. We are calling for change. True change. A growing chorus of people of all colors who stand together with united voices to demand fairness and equality for all peoples including the children we serve.  Together we will, can and must do better.