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About Child Abuse

About Child Abuse

NCAC-Stop-Chid-Abuse-AvatarYou may not know this from the news, but child abuse and neglect is preventable when we focus on solutions.

  • We are learning how we can stop those who abuse children.
  • We are focusing on how we can change the culture, environment, and communities so that abuse and neglect of children is less likely to happen.
  • We are recognizing that family privacy is important, but the abuse and neglect of a child is not a private matter.

Every one of us CAN do something about it.

  • You can find out what’s happening in your community to protect children from abuse and neglect.
  • You can volunteer your time and share your resources with programs that are working to protect children.
  • You can ask about child protection policies at your place of worship, recreational, and sports organizations for kids.
  • You can learn about ways to educate children to be safe.
  • You can find resources and information to share in your community at CALiO.org, search for child abuse prevention.

Whether you ask, volunteer, speak, write, or organize, you can inspire others to do the same – maybe more. Together we can empower our communities and make a difference.