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Social Media Toolkit - Abusive Head Trauma

This social media toolkit is intended to help educate parents and community members about abusive head trauma. For research concerning abusive head trauma please visit or refer to our updated bibliography.

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Abusive head trauma in children happens most often when a parent or caregiver is overstressed.

You do not have to face this stress alone! The Parenting Assistance Line is there to help you cope while keeping your child safe and well.

Call or text today! 866-962-3030


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Stressed? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Worse? These are the times children are at the highest risk of abusive head trauma at the hands of someone who loves them.

Help is available! Call or text the parenting assistance line at 866-962-3030 for an empathetic ear, confidential conversation, and suggestions from the experts.

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Abusive head trauma most often happens out of frustration, when a parent can't console a crying child.

Try these tips to soothe baby during this difficult time.

Remember, it's okay to ask for help. You aren't in this alone.

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A crying baby, who will not calm down, can add to any parent's stress.

Unfortunately, that is when the baby is most vulnerable to abusive head trauma.

Don't wait to reach out for help.

Visit this website to get your free App to help you cope >>>


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