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Takeaway Tuesday

The “forgetting curve” described by Hermann Ellinghaus suggests that learners forget 80% of what they learn within 30 days of leaving a class. Takeaway Tuesday is a way to deliver content to interviewers in bite-sized, focused bursts and will reinforce information learned during any basic forensic interviewing training. It will give Forensic Interviewers specific, research-based directives to immediately adapt and use in their forensic interviews.

Takeaway Tuesday  is a new online, micro-learning initiative. The micro-learning units consist of a short (5-7 minutes) video, resources, such as: Fact Sheets, Info Prints, Research-to-Practice articles written by experts in the field,  webinars available through NCAC Virtual Training Center, and/or other materials available in  CALiOTM (Child Abuse Library Online).

Takeaway Tuesday Episodes

Forensic Interviewer and Trainer, Andra Chamberlin, delivers a short instructional video providing tips for implementing best practices in child forensic interviews.


Use these resources to help introduce/use evidence-based practice into your work.

Online Training

Watch on-demand trainings.

Upcoming Episode

+ November 12, 2019

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