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The Protectors Circle

Be a Part of the Protector’s Circle?


The Protector’s Circle is the National Children’s Advocacy Center’s (NCAC) annual giving initiative that raises funds to support the NCAC mission to model, promote and deliver excellence in child abuse response and prevention through service, education, and leadership.

Support from the community is vital to the work being done at the NCAC.  Joining the Protector’s Circle is one of the best ways you can help the abused children served by the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

By making a financial contribution you are helping us to shine a light and provide hope and healing to those we serve.  Please make plans to include the NCAC in your annual giving by making a yearly gift or a monthly contribution.

Your financial support helps with the following:

  • Provide local services to prevent child abuse
  • Offer intervention and therapeutic treatment services to victims of child abuse
  • Teach abuse prevention to local students
  • Help young families to become stronger and healthier through the development of positive parenting skills.

There are many levels:

  • Friend*: $25-$249
  • Angel*: $250-$499
  • Benefactor*: $500-$1,984
  • Protectors’ Circle Society*: $1,985-$4,999 (NCAC was founded in 1985)
  • Legacy*: $5,000 & up

By giving online, your gift will be put to use promptly and you will receive an email confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.

Donations can also be sent by mail along with this form to The Protectors' Circle at 210 Pratt Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801

Did you know that $5,000 will provide for one local child’s complete NCAC treatment?  Every $250 provides for a specialized medical exam and every $150 will provide for a therapy session.  $100 allows for a Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Program for one classroom or a home visit for an at-risk family.  You CAN make a difference in the life of a child!

*Every Protector will receive a newsletter, listing in the annual report, and a complimentary tribute card.


Our 180°Society is our closest ally in the fight against child abuse. The 180°Society supports the direct services provided to our community’s most vulnerable children and their families. As a National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) 180°Society member, your company or you as an individual will join the NCAC in our efforts to end child abuse all year round. You, as a 180°Society member, can stop child abuse…one child at a time.


For your investment, you receive:

  • Satisfaction of knowing you gave the gift of hope to a child
  • Listing as a 180°Society member on the NCAC website
  • Recognition as a 180°Society member at all NCAC events
  • 180°Society members will have a feature post on the NCAC blog, e-newsletter, and social media
  • Recognition on the NCAC Campus Donor Wall
  • Recognition in the NCAC Annual Report
  • Opportunities for volunteer events and campus tours

2021 Protectors’ Circle Online Donor Wall

180° Society ($5,000 and up)

Dr. and Mrs. Manh Dang
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Donald
Dr. and Mrs. Walt Grundy
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Miller
Dr. Mark Sapp
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodham
The Estate of Lylah Tielking
The Estate of Nancy Breden

Legacy ($1,985 - $4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Aschenbrenner
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brunhoeber
Ms. Ellen Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gough
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grospitch
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hangartner
Mrs. Stephanie Hase
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howsman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kliesner
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Leberte
Mr. and Mrs. Bill McMahon
Ms. Prema Monterio
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Robertson
Ms. Melba Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Skievaski
Mr. and Mrs. William Walton

Benefactors ($500-1,984)

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Abel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Aycock
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Barron
Ms. Paige Beitel
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bosley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Augusto Bruschi
Mr. and Mrs. John Burke
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Callins
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cantrell
Ms. Diana Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cooney
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Craig
Mrs. Caryl Crossfield
Mr. and Mrs. John Emerson
Ms. Susan Erfesoglou
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fara
Mr. and Mrs. James Foshee
Lukins Family Foundation
Mr. Nathan Georgeoff
Dr. and Mrs. James Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Gilliland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ginn
Mrs. Margo Gray
Dr. David Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Golub
Mr. David Goodall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gully
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. David Harbarger
Mr. Dave Hargrove
Mr. and Mrs. Bryson Hill
Mrs. Katherine Hinds
Mrs. Angelen Hochberger
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Horgen
Mr.and Mrs. Jimmy Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. David Iosco
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Jones
Ms. Richele Jordan-Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kattos
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keller
Ms. Hope Kinch
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Lanford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lehman
Lt. Gen. and Mrs. James Link
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Loux
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse May
Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick
Ms. Monte McGee
Ms. Sara Metz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller
BG (Ret) and Mrs. Daniel Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Newlin
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Odom
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Palumbo
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Pastrick
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perkey
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Peters
Ms. Gaylia Ricks
Ms. Sheryl Rigby
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ryder
Dr. and Mrs. Calame Sammons
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sapp
Mr. Ranjana Savant
Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Schreeder
Ret. SFC Wayne Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. John Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stutts
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Switzer
Mr. John Robin Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Turbe
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Tylutki
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wakefield
Ms. Gail Wang
Ms. Pamela Webb
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Weiland
Dr. Louis and Beverly Weiner
Mr. and Mrs.Kenneth Wohlfert
Ms. Lori Womack
Dr. H. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. James Wylie
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Young

By making a financial contribution you are helping us better serve as a beacon of hope for victims of child abuse. Please make plans to include the NCAC in your annual giving.

Contact Hannah Alderson at 256-327-3798 or Cynthia Parker at 256-327-3780 for more information.