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Extended Forensic Interview Training

The NCAC Extended Forensic Interview Model

June 23-25, 2020 - Denver, CO

In child abuse investigations, the single interview model is the approach currently recommended by Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs), Child Advocacy Centers (CACs), and "best practice" resources throughout the U.S. This approach assumes a child is willing and able to discuss the allegation topic and can provide sufficient detail to inform the investigation and to support case decisions. While the single interview approach is sufficient for many children and cases, a subset of children are challenged to participate in such a focused conversation with a stranger and may benefit from more time and an expanded conversation over multiple sessions.

This training introduces a model for a multi-session forensic interview of a child who is potentially a victim or witness of child abuse or other violent behaviors. An Extended Forensic Interview (EFI) is appropriate for children where the results of a single interview are inconclusive or where there are serious concerns about the child's ability to participate in a single-session interview. Such children that might be considered for an EFI are a child with developmental delays or cognitive disabilities, and the extremely traumatized child. Cultural considerations may also indicate a need for an EFI, rather than a single-session interview.

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