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Our Executive Director, Chris Newlin recently received an email from Diego Izquierdo and Francisco García from Chile.

We happily and proudly communicate you that on 9th January the government finally promulgated the law that includes -among other very needed measures- the implementation of the forensic (investigative) interview in the criminal procedure for children and teenagers victims of serious felonies. Needless to say that this is a major success for all people, Chilean or not, that lives in our country.

But is also YOUR triumph, ever since your support was capital to achieve this goal. Your experience, generosity and kindness not only gave us the hard evidence for this complex issue, but also the strength to keep pushing and moving forward.

Yet our work keeps on, for now we have another major challenge: to secure a successful implementation on the law’s content. Once again, we may be needing of your experience and council.

We wanted to share our happiness with you and make all part of it. We truly hope you are all doing great.

Once again, thank you very much, and a very huge hug from all the Foundation’s crew.