Meet April 2024’s Community Superhero: Erica Hochberger, Intervention and Clinical Director – National Children’s Advocacy Center Skip to content

From an aspiring talk show host to becoming a beacon of hope and resilience at the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC), Erica Hochberger’s journey to becoming April’s Superhero of the Month is nothing short of inspiring. Currently serving as the Intervention and Clinical Director, Erica embodies the spirit of a true superhero, transforming lives through her unwavering optimism and dedication to healing.

Erica’s path was shaped by an early desire to help others, a passion that found its true calling in social work. Erica stepped into the world of child advocacy, drawn by the dynamic and impactful nature of the field. “No day is the same, and I am never bored,” Erica shares, reflecting on the diverse challenges and rewards her role presents.

At the heart of Erica’s work is her love for the therapy caseload she maintains. Despite her administrative duties, she ensures she remains directly involved in the therapeutic process, helping children and their families navigate through their traumas. Over the past decade, Erica has ascended from a part-time therapist to the NCAC’s first Clinical Supervisor, and now, as the Intervention and Clinical Director for the past three years, she continues to champion the healing journey of many.

Erica is particularly passionate about Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), a reflection of her commitment to healing the entire family unit. This approach aligns with her belief in the power of optimism, which she considers her superpower. “Seeing the strength and good in anything,” as Erica puts it, is more than a personal mantra; it’s a transformative force that she brings to her team and the families they serve.

Under Erica’s leadership, the NCAC has flourished into a space where dreams and ideas take shape to better support children and caregivers alike. Her goal is ambitious yet profoundly impactful: to offer trauma therapy to every child in need, significantly reduce wait times, extend trauma therapy to caregivers, and enhance parent mentorship programs. Erica envisions a future where support is immediate and all-encompassing, ensuring that every child and caregiver has the resources they need to thrive.

Erica’s relentless optimism and her ability to see the good in the darkest of times make her an unparalleled superhero in our community. Her work reminds us that with the right support and a steadfast belief in the potential of each individual, recovery and growth are always possible.

The NCAC, along with Redstone Federal Credit Union, is proud to honor Erica Hochberger as April’s Superhero of the Month. Her story is a testament to the power of positive change and the incredible impact one individual can have on the lives of many. Erica’s journey from aspiring to help others in any capacity to leading a team dedicated to healing child trauma illustrates that being a superhero is not about capes and powers but about compassion, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to making the world a better place.