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Healthy Families is one of the child abuse prevention programs of the NCAC. Parent support and education are provided in home visits to out target population of first-time parents who are Medicaid-eligible and live in Madison county. Services begin when the baby is born and families may continue until their child begins pre-school or Kindergarten. Many of our families struggle with issues of poverty, low education, teen parenthood, and/or mental illness. Healthy Families strives to help parents provide their children the nurturing care essential to enjoying a healthy and productive life.

In addition to home visits, our program offers some group gatherings for the families. These events provide an opportunity to enjoy socializing with other parents as well as a fun activity with their children. On May 21, the Huntsville Botanical Garden offered free admission and use of their pavilion. Our families enjoyed a quick meal served by our wonderful volunteers. The weather was beautiful and families strolled through the Chinese Lantern Festival with more than 1,000 illuminated lantern displays of wildlife from around the world. The festival was a stunning display of Chinese art and culture and a rare treat for our families. Many thanks to our friends at the Garden for providing this experience to our 26 families with 28 children and 31 adults.