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“I want to make sure that victims have a voice.”

Kate Hall knows firsthand why that’s important. When she was younger, she saw how sexual abuse could impact a victim. While she was not a victim of sexual abuse, this experience impacted her profoundly, leading her, years later, to the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

As a member of the NCAC Forensic Interviewing team, Kate is the first person to talk to the child about what they experienced. Her calm, gentle demeaner immediately puts a child at ease – allowing them to open up about the most painful, and often embarrassing, moments of their life.

Kate started her career in advocacy as a therapist, before transitioning into the position of Forensic Interviewer a few years ago. While both jobs are fulfilling, Kate says she prefers the role of Forensic Interviewer. She says children often come to the NCAC, upset and blaming themselves for the abuse they have endured. Kate says seeing a child through – from the initial meeting with her as a Forensic Interviewer, to the therapeutic services the child receives from the NCAC – coinciding with the criminal investigation of the accused, and finally to the point of the case heading to trial, is why she continues to do this difficult work. Kate is there to see that justice and healing occurs.
She says seeing a child feel empowered is the most powerful part of her job, “That’s the most rewarding part, is to just see that progress in kids.”

Of course, with these rewarding moments – come challenges. Kate says the biggest ones for her are the cases where you don’t see resolution, such as a child that comes in, discloses a little bit to an interviewer, and doesn’t come back.

“It’s just kind of that grey area. Those are the parts that are hardest, because you take those home and you worry about them.”
Kate is dedicated to helping children through trauma. She says she is grateful for the support and understanding that our community provides.

We are grateful to Kate, and her fellow Forensic Interviewers at the NCAC, for providing a safe place for a child to talk about what they experienced – and begin the road to healing.

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Do you know a hero in our community? Nominate them today!