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On any given Friday, in a large conference room on the National Children’s Advocacy Center campus, you will find more than two-dozen people from various backgrounds and professions with a common goal: hope, healing, and justice for survivors of child abuse.

This group includes NCAC employees and representatives from the Huntsville Police Department, the Madison Policy Department, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security, the Department of Human Resources, Crisis Services, and the Madison County District Attorneys Office. This group is made up of investigators, prosecutors, forensic interviewers, mental health professionals, family and victim advocates, medical professionals, and social workers.

One by one, this diverse group reviews the facts of individual cases. They discuss the forensic interview of the child, review evidence, analyze the child’s family support, report on the status of the accused, and at times debate the next step. They know the child by name. Each case is unique. Each case equally important.

In 2018, the Multidisciplinary Team reviewed 813 child abuse cases. These cases included physical and sexual abuse. Next year is the 35th Anniversary of the Multidisciplinary Team model, which was created in Huntsville in 1985.