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NCAC Executive Director, Chris Newlin, traveled to Athens, Greece in October 2014 where he consulted with the Smile of the Child agency , the U.S. Embassy, and the Greek Ministry of Justice on developing the first CAC in Greece. Chris also conducted a two-day Multidisciplinary Team Training for sixty multidisciplinary professionals and Smile of the Child who will be developing the CAC.

Chris then headed to the National District Attorneys Association “Strategies for Justice” Conference where he delivered three workshop presentations and a Plenary Presentation titled, “Grooming: There Is A Lot In It For Us.”

Also in October, Chris Newlin traveled to Sao Paolo, Brazil to present to the Sao Paolo Tribunal of Justice and Childhood Brasil regarding the CAC Model and its positive impact. As a result of these presentations, Childhood Brasil leadership has formally agreed to pursue “Integrated Centers” as a formal priority in partnership with the National Council of Justice. This was a further extension of the NCAC’s longstanding collaboration with Childhood Brasil.

Chris wrapped up the month in Charleston, SC at the Interstate Commission for Juveniles 2014 Annual Business Meeting where he facilitated a panel discussion on human trafficking which included participation from Judges, the FBI, Polaris Project, Homeland Security Investigations, and others.

In October, NCAC Senior Trainer, Linda Cordisco Steele, traveled to Missouri to conduct an Advanced Forensic Interview Training. Linda then went to San Paolo, Brazil to build on the Forensic Interviewing of Children Training, Peer Review and Supervisor Training she provided last year.

NCAC Trainer, Andra Chamberlin conducted Forensic Interviewing of Children Trainings, in New York and in Arizona.

Betsy Goulet traveled to Wisconsin to conduct an Advanced Victim Advocacy Training on behalf of the NCAC.

SRCAC Trainer, Karen Hangartner conducted a Vicarious Trauma Training on behalf of the NCAC in Toronto, Canada.

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